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More day trips in Slovenia

Old Slovenian towns and castles

Slovenia is a country of small, pleasant medieval towns, castles and churches, which adorn the major towns and above all the numerous hillocks. You will be enraptured by the great variety of our beautiful country...

The pearls of Slovenia

4-day tour which leads you from the capital of Slovenia to northwest to southeast od Slovenia.

Pure Slovenia

4-day tour in well preserved corners of Slovenia.

Golf tour in Slovenia

Golf has become very popular in Slovenia in the last five years. There are nine golf courses and fourteen practice areas, which waits for you.

Slovenian gastronomy and heritage

8-day tour for all who enjoy the traditional and international cuisine and are also curious about the beauties and the heritage of Slovenia.

European sleeping beauty

10-day trip for all who love unspoiled nature and traditional places where globalization and influences of the modern world are well kept secrets.

Archeological Slovenia

In 10-day tour you’ll discover the most important archeological heritage of Slovenia, which could be shortened…