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Less known Dolenjska

For those who have already experience Dolenjska region and want to see some more pearls that we are sure they will enrapture you.

From Dolenjska to Bela krajina

Soteska, Črnomelj, Nature park Lahinja, Metlika, Heritage trails (silver sower 2014), Heritage trails net (finalist for sower 2009)

Dolenjska from iron age to present day

You will discover the rich history of Novo mesto with an extremely strategic position in the embrace of the Krka river and you’ll learn how our ancestors used to live from Iron age to present day.

Rafting in Bela krajina

Trip for those, who want to experience the real Bela krajina and feel the adrenaline in their veins during the rafting on the most southern and warmest river in Slovenia...

Dolenjska experience

Rafting-story of cviček, castle experience, Silversower: 2004, 2008, finalist sower 2007.